I’ve always been a lover of photography! Ever since I discovered how to use a camera, I have been snapping photos on film cameras, polaroids, digital cameras, SLRs, and now DSLR and even my iPhone. I have really enjoyed sharing this hobby with others – there is just something so amazing about capturing moments, and having a tangible way to celebrate memories. My dad initially taught me everything he knew about photography – and I still love his (now almost vintage) single lens reflex from over 4 decades ago!

Over the past 10 years, I have started to share my love of photography with friends and extended family, by photographing special moments such as engagements, holidays, birthdays, and even newborn homecomings!

I’d love to share my photography with you as well – please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a session!




Check out some of my photoshoots here:

Wild One