Sunday: Silk Hoop Painting

A long weekend seems like the perfect time to try a new hobby! As a lifelong art lover, I’ve been able to try my hand at many creative projects. I’m always starting, (and hopefully finishing) said projects, and this weekend I stumbled across something brand new to me!

Silk. Hoop. Painting.

Silk is so special. Hoops are awesome in so many forms (I’m thinking hula hoops, earrings, folk art, dreamcatchers, etc.). Painting is clearly amazing. Combining the three had never occurred to me – and I am so thrilled that Art and a Bottle introduced me to this new type of art!

I was fortunate enough to share this experience with my aunt, who also is an artful individual! Upon entering the open studio, we were immediately impressed by the amount of art adorning the space. Canvases, tiles, paintings, supplies, easels, flowers, vases, glasses, all carefully curated and decorated. A very sweet and helpful artist gave us information about all the projects we could choose from, offering many recommendations and examples. The environment was comfortable and easy-going, and we were able to ask questions and receive instructions as we began our projects.

We were given our silk hoops and instructions for the first step. With a picture in mind (or printed and traceable) we used resist gel to outline our design. While using the resist gel, we created crisp lines that did not absorb paint. The resist gel was fairly easy to use, and came in a small bottle with a pointed end so that it could be easily manipulated. 


Next, we were supplied with 4 different colors of paint. We used these colors to create our own palette – giving each of our projects a unique color scheme and individuality. We were able to add water to our colors, which caused a difference in shade and consistency. As an added effect – our ‘personal’ artist instructor demonstrated how to incorporate salt onto the silk hoop, it interacted with the paint resulting in a very cool outcome!

We took our time painting, and made sure that we used vivd and exciting colors! Once the resist gel and paint dries, it is still recommended to set for 24 hours before the next step.

Our last step is to remove the resist gel by peeling or chipping it off, after you are absolutely certain that everything is dry.


So, in addition to creating a super sweet silk hoop, I spent a beautiful afternoon with an amazing aunt, in a comfortable and creative open art studio. If you’re in the area and don’t mind spending $15, I would definitely recommend that you check out Art and a Bottle for open studio time or parties!