As it turns out – the hobbies I enjoy most are not new to me at all! I think I learned how to braid/french braid in my really composed and super graceful pre-teen years… (shoutout to my little cousins who definitely suffered the wrath of me teaching myself)! Since then I’ve always loved to style hair for friends and family, and now I’m able to share this hobby with some wonderful creatives. It feels so good to work in collaboration and get my artsy out into the universe again.

Have I mentioned how much I love summer break? <3

These gorgeous ladies were styled by Megan, had their photos taken by Natalie, and their hair styled by me!

A beautiful friend of mine once told me that she had a funny theory – people who are good at drawing bubble letters are also really good at doing hair! I’m interested to see if she reads this and remembers that comment, and also what you think of her silly theory.

What do you think? And what hairstyles should I try next?